Troyak takedown, security blues, ICANN meets


6. : IBM claims it employs more people than any other IT company, but it has stopped providing U.S. headcount figures, giving a big dose of credence to those who are upset about apparent layoffs and moving of employees to India and other countries.

7. : John Chambers was talkative with Network World, which wrote up an interesting series of interviews with the Cisco Systems CEO.

8. : Well, if Barack Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize while the U.S. is embroiled in two wars, we suppose it's not entirely daft that the Internet has now been nominated for that same award.

9. : It's nearly spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, so time for a little cleaning up, which in our world includes dealing with some bad habits related to technology use.

10. : Particular cell phone users are giving CIO's Al Sacco fits, and we have to say that these particular cell phone (mis)users make us feel even nuttier than usual as well.