Transcend Antivirus USB Flash Drive With Trend Micro

Transcend today announced its alliance with Trend Micro, Inc., an Internet content security company, to offer advanced Trend Micro USB Security software preloaded on its newest USB flash drive, the JetFlash V15 in India. To combat a rise in autorun malware that infect removable drives and then spread across networks, a unique software called Trend Micro USB Security was developed specifically to counter malicious content in files transferred to a USB flash drive. The press release said, with its easy-to-use interface and simple one-step activation process, Trend Micro USB Security protects the JetFlash V15 right from the moment it is plugged in. If threats are discovered, users will be alerted and all infected files will be quarantined.

When the JetFlash V15 is plugged into a computer with Internet access, Trend Micro USB Security will automatically download and install the latest security updates directly onto the drive. Transcend's capless JetFlash V15 flash drive features a retractable USB connector with lock-switch, which makes the drive easier to use and protects it from damage during travel.

Pricing and Availability

The 4GB version of the new V15 costs Rs.1,500 (US$32) and the 8GB Rs. 2,900. They come with a three year warranty.