Tips on how to deal with vendors

As simple as it sounds, end users just don't get it but vendors are there to make a profit. At the Gartner Symposium in Sydney last week, analyst Craig Baty said users are from Pluto and vendors are from Mercury.

"Mercury is a metal, not even a planet so they aren't even in the same solar system," Baty said.

"They both view the IT ecosystem very differently. Users think about their own environments, but vendors live in a much more complex world of shifting partnerships where they have to supply and meet a customer's needs."

Delivering seven tips on how to deal with vendors, Baty said both users and vendors have a very different world view but the end goal is the same. It is all about profits, so there really aren't any great discounts.

In a good climate, he said, customers will get a good deal on software licences, but vendors have to make up the difference somewhere.

"Sure you will get the discount, but then the vendor will put in onerous agreements to make up the difference by introducing some very complex maintenance clauses to cover their costs," Baty said.