Tiny Transistors May Pave The Way For Power-Sipping Tech

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have created the first single-electron transistor, made of oxide-based materials and artificial atoms.

These researchers say their SketchSET (sketch-based single-electron transistor) could be the first step to the next generation of quantum computers, advanced electronic materials, and more powerful solid-state computer memory.

The experimental transistor's central element is a 1.5-nanometer wide island, that only needs 1 or 2 electrons to operate. The minuscule size of the transistors could be used to manufacture denser memory modules, for more storage capability.

More importantly, the transistor's ability to control electrons without an external current could mean data storage without using any power.

Be sure to check out the University of Pittsburgh's full statement on their work for the full rundown of their breakthroughs!

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