There is a Method to this Chaos

When companies begin to buzz internally about topics that are being discussed on the various CIO Pakistan forums, we'd like to cover the threads that try and identify a solution.

There is no doubt that IT companies have a huge role to play in helping Pakistan to re-establish its economy and re-invent its image. After all, with the number of verticals that now run at least their critical operations, if not the major chunk of their services on technology solutions, the business efficiency is something worth publicizing. How will IT and ITeS companies survive through the economic crunch? That is the question that's on everyone's mind.

The Business Services Manager at Creative Chaos (Private) Limited, Nawaz took the initiative to rotate a CIO discussion through the company's internal communication system. "How are we going to get through the current economic crisis being the company we are, running the services we do?" Any deliberation that helps us to better assess when and how we, as technology and business professionals, are going to come out of this situation, is a discussion we want to be a part of.

Time for Strategy

Even for Pakistan, there are a range of services that companies offer. A quick glance through the PSEB or PASHA-registered companies, you will find the majority of software development and ITeS companies. With such a strain on outsourcing, what strategies are companies thinking of employing to make ends meet? Raheel Zubairi, Project Manager at Creative Chaos says, "The demand for IT services in the market will not decrease until we keep producing what the market needs. In order to align our business objectives with our IT strategy, I think we need to identify the core recurring requirements from our existing clients, think of a flexible architecture that will help to reduce development cost, enhance our business channels and market who we are on the basis of those strengths."

In any company, the Project Manager is usually the guy who has a pulse on the trends being exercised by a specific customer, so it would be worth your while to listen to their insights. "I believe the cost structure has a strong role to play in the business we get in as a company. Our approach to work and deliveries can really make a difference to get more business."