The Week in iPad Cases: The iPad 2 has landed

The iPad 2 is finally here, in all its greatness and glory! That, however, is not the only reason for celebrating—many a vendor has also announced that it's in the process of creating and producing protective accessories specifically for the newest magical device. In the best Scandinavian tradition of buffet eating, tuck in and help yourself at this veritable feast of fashionable protection covers. It's all in this week's iPad case roundup.

: Straight from Europe, Beiza brings us the (iPad 2), a luxurious sleeve series that takes its name from its unique wavy design. Made entirely of genuine leather and soft canvas, and available in sixteen different configurations, the Wave usually retails for €140, but is on sale for €105 for a limited time.

: This company's ($99) is handmade in Colorado from solid oak, combining tough protection with a killer old-world look.

: When a case is a beautiful (and expensive) work of art, it becomes unsuitable for uses. It's one thing to take your leather accessory to work, and quite another to take it to the beach, for example, where it's unlikely to provide much in the way of protection from sand and seawater anyway. Luckily, that's where CleverWraps comes into play with its line of (three for $15). These waterproof, plastic wrappers keep moisture and dirt out of the way without preventing you from fully enjoying your device (although you lose access to the iPad's ports and jacks). Best of all—or perhaps worst of all, for those of us concerned about the environment—when you're done, you simply throw them away.

:: This manufacturer is bringing its popular line of ($30) to the iPad 2. Each of the several hundreds styles of skins is imprinted with a unique design and provides protection for both the back of the device and the bezel around the screen. The company even provides for download a matching custom background picture for a seamless, all-over look.

: The is a clever charging dock that accommodates two devices simultaneously: an iPad or iPad 2 along with an iPhone or dock-connector iPod. As a bonus, this $60 stand includes a valet area where you can conveniently store your keys and pocket change.