The Week in iOS Apps: Total Recall

This weeks roundup of iOS apps is full of Hurt. Trust us.

This week, we showed you how to create a ringtone using . We also brought news of , designed to be used on the iPad.

Here are a few other new and updated apps that caught our eye this week.

Heres a new app thatfor nowis only useful if you live in San Francisco, but that shouldnt be the case for long. The free app for iPhone lets users order items from an array of brand-name stores (including Macys, Target, and more) and get same-day delivery of those products by an eBay Valet. The company says most deliveries should arrive at your location within an hour of being ordered. That might mean trouble for brick-and-mortar stores, but it could be quite convenient for consumers. eBay says the service will be expanding to other markets soon.

: Now that the app market for editing and sharing photos seems to be utterly saturated, the Next Big Thing appears be helping iPhone and iPad users organize and display multiple photos in single sets. This week saw two new free services that do just that. is a free app from Tumblr that offers users several different templates for creating multi-photo displays, and you can share those displays via Twitter or Tumblr. is built just for the iPhone, but it offers a similar capability to group and share photos via social media. Which one you use might depend on how often you want to share your pictures on Tumblr.

: One of the most fun things to do on your iOS device is make beautiful music, and there are great tools out there. Among the newest: , a $20 offering from IK Multimedia that offers 17 different professional sounding piano simulations. If youre sticking to a real piano but want to make the most of practice, the $1 app for iPhone acts as a metronome, but also lets musicians record their practices for later review.