The Macalope Weekly: The waiting is the hardest part


Hold onto your lunch, kids, because according to a study released this past week by BrandIndex, . And the authors of the study say it may be the fault of those insipid Laptop Hunters ads.

The Macalope demands one of those recounts that are so popular in elections these days! What's worse is that this collapse is mostly driven by the perceptions of young people. Who knew young people even watched commercials? Don't they all BitTorrent?

Whatever the case, this week a lot of people spent a lot of time talking about a survey they'd probably never heard of before. The survey may be utterly sound--it probably is; the sample size certainly seems large--but the thing about these surveys is you can't tell if it's legit without looking at the internals, which are only available by subscription. And, if the Macalope is reading , a subscription starts at about $10,000/year, so you'll forgive him if he doesn't run out and sign up just to check that BrandIndex dotted their tees and crossed their eyes.

Maybe BrandIndex is the go-to survey for this kind of thing and maybe Tim Cook sits by his just waiting to get that call. Do they like us? Do they really, really like us?!

Or, maybe he waits for, you know, actual sales results.