The Macalope Weekly: Good kitty, bad kitty

It's Snow Leopard launch plus seven days, so what's the final word? As with most things, it depends on who you ask, so the Macalope cooks up a batch of anecdote soup. But hold the Flash, because, waiter, there's a bug in mine. (Don't talk so loud, everyone will want one!) And MMS is coming, but is it too late to save this relationship?

Well, it depends on who you ask. According to none other than ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Nice lack of attribution, Adrian! Here's a little attribution for you:

In an odd role reversal, you don't dare say "smooth" around the Macalope's good pal Merlin Mann. Merlin could have played all the Kenny G he wanted and .

But anecdotes, like celebrity deaths, come in threes and, for his money, the horny one had an utterly smooth upgrade. He played it safe, backing up and upgrading only one machine. A little while later he was up and running without a hitch and trying like the dickens to figure out what was different.