The Macalope Weekly: Funny again

After , this week brought a turnaround. RIM apparently decided it needed to get funny again or risk its status as the laughing stock of mobile technology. Meanwhile, the craziness that is Apple-rumor generation is always good for a laugh and, while Microsoft itself is frequently a laugh riot, one mythical creature always is: the Winotaur.

OK, the Macalope checked and he can say categorically that "denial" is not "not just a river in Canada," it's not a river in Canada at all. So how do we explain ?

RIM took a second measure to minimize opposition on Thursday after it had Northwest & Ethical drop its demand the chairman and CEO roles split. ... The company's board of directors would in return develop a committee of independent directors to find an "appropriate balance" between board leaders and the CEO role, whether it was necessary for the co-CEOs to occupy top spots on the board to run the company, and suggest a structure that might better run the company.

RIM is so special, you see, so any other technology company, that it needs both to run the company.

Into the ground.