The Macalope Weekly: C:\NGRTLNS.W8


Lodsys, the pluckiest little company in the patent trolling business, doubled down this week. The Macalope doesn't know if they're holding the cards or not, but he's got the mature reaction: name-calling. Meanwhile Microsoft opens a kimono and you'll be glad to know it's not Steve Ballmer's.

Hey, turns out there is something we can agree on with .

For many people, it is easier to call Lodsys and other rights holders names for trying to be compensated for their rights, within a system that is established and known, than it is to consider one's own responsibility, or the promises and motivations of the platform provider.

It sure is easier! Particularly seeing as how you're being such jerks! And, if the Macalope may say so, a bunch of gigantic babies.