The Macalope Daily: Schools of thought

As the Macalope slogs his way through the morass of lousy coverage of Apple, he has been able to categorize the schools of so-called "thought" (air quotes) he has encountered. Journey now with him through the twisting and turning paths of logic employed by those who voice their "concerns" about Apple.

There is a school of thought that says "When the facts don't support your argument, say it anyway with jelly on top!" Hence, the Macalope has a new maxim:

The horny one's not even talking about those who use to argue that it has to fall eventually.

No, he's more talking about those promulgating the idea that, while Apple's obviously not melting down in any kind of tangible sense--which is kind of obvious--it is still melting down in the kind of way that only those with a sixth sense can see. Oh, by the numbers, the company is fine. But if you tilt it just right and look at it at this angle, you'll see a frowny face. You don't see it? Well, you don't have the special eye that these pundits have.