The GM Android Car: Coming Soon?


That report lines up with an even more specific story published by on Friday. The crew at Motor Trend claims the Android-OnStar alliance would offer similar features to Ford's system -- things like dashboard-based phone controls, media playback, and navigation -- but it'd also take things a step further by allowing Android owners to remotely control their cars via their phones.

That's right: The Android-OnStar setup, according to Motor Trend, would let you unlock your doors, start up your engine, and adjust other in-vehicle settings simply by tapping a few keys on your phone's screen.

Here's the part that makes this all seem even more plausible: In a , OnStar President Chris Preuss confirmed that a new, souped-up version is OnStar is well in the works. Preuss said the OnStar edition set to later this year "offers a glimpse" at the kind of features that are in store.

Then there's this sentence: