The Geekiest Tunes on Spotify

After an long wait, online music streaming service Spotify has . Hooray! As a way to celebrate the launch here in the U.S., set to work on creating a playlist full of geeky songs. Here's what we came up with.

Our GeekTech playlist includes a growing selection of any song that has a geeky vibe, be it a reference to the periodical table, expressing love for your computer, what happens when you get a blue screen of death, or even just singing out about surfing the internet. At time of writing the '' playlist has around 30 tracks, here is a selection of just a few of them:

I Love My Computer is the ninth track on Bad Religion's 2000 album and is GeekTech blogger geeky song of choice.

This fun three-minute-long song details the love between a user and their computer, explaining how a computer is always there for you, serving up predictable errors within a safe domain. It's fairly geeky, we'd say.