The devil's guide to Windows Vista security

Microsoft, as you probably know, has spent a lot of time and millions of dollars to make Windows Vista more secure and ultimately to protect users from themselves.

But you -- you've been using computers for years, right? You don't need any of this hand-holding. You were infested with malware that one time, but that wasn't your fault. And no one has noticed the eight toolbars in your browser whose origin you couldn't explain.

Oh, and your significant other was very understanding about Blaster causing you to work 80-hour weeks cleaning up a software wasteland.

You and your network are clearly ready for Vista without the locks. Here's how to fly with all the safeties off.

Turn User Account Control completely off

User Account Control, or UAC, is a new security feature that limits the authority of accounts users are running in, restricting them from entering protected areas or performing sensitive actions on the system. Briefly, users log on, whether they are power users, ordinary users or administrators, and are assigned a normal security token.