The 11th Must-Have iPhone App for Gamers

If you've ever fancied an undiluted translation of on a mobile of some sort, for iPhone and iPod is officially live on . 'Revolution' would be the streamlined yet mechanically intact iteration of developer and creator Sid Meier's famous conquer-the-world strategy game with an eye toward on-the-go strategists. Whereas a single instance of (Windows, OS X) can last over a dozen hours, you can polish off a minimally configured match in 'Revolution' in just two or three.

As per the original, you get 16 playable civilizations, famous historical leaders with special abilities, the option to explore randomly generated planets, multiple difficulty settings to vary game length, and an integrated tutorial to ease you in. The iPhone version overlays its own unique visuals and a gesture-based interface.

Had a look at our slideshow? Make Civilization: Revolution for iPhone our eleventh.

"We're thrilled to deliver our signature strategy game on such an exciting and dynamic platform," said Firaxis creative director and lead designer Sid Meier of the release. "We choose platforms based on where we feel consumers will have the best gameplay experience with our titles, and the iPhone allows us to introduce this gameplay to mobile consumers - new and old."

Want it cheap? You'll want to . You've got somewhat less than 48 hours to pull it down for $5 before that doubles to the game's standard price of $10.

"Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution was a big success for us last year on the consoles and handheld systems," said 2K Games president Christoph Hartmann. "Now, the iPhone platform gives us the opportunity to introduce an entirely new audience to the addictive gameplay of the Civilization franchise."