Tasmanian Polytechnic rolls out mobile device management

The Tasmanian Polytechnic has rolled out mobile device management across its fleet of iPhones and iPads in a bid to provide increased security and a centralised approach to apps.

Tasmanian Polytechnic's senior computer systems officer, Daniel Le Lant, said the rollout of AirWatch has saved the IT team time and increased the level of control it has over internal devices.

"With AirWatch, we now have centralised control over the devices and how they are used, while also eliminating all manual aspects of device management," he said in a statement.

"AirWatch provides us with the control to push internal apps out to the devices without the requirement of Apple's app store."

The organisation, which expects to witness an increase in iPhone users in the next few years, currently supports some 500 iPhones used by staff members and plans to continue its use of Apple OS devices in the classroom.

The rollout comes as the University of Technology, Sydney .