Superstash powers up Web screenshots on iOS

If your job requires you to take a lot of screen shots--say, if you're a blogger, for instance-- can power up iOS's bare-bones screenshot feature. Superstash is a Web browser for the iPad that lets you quickly take screenshots of any Web page you visit, annotate them, and instantly share them with friends and colleagues, or file them for future reference.

While browsing, you can take a full-screen screenshot or use a built-in cropping tool to focus on a smaller area. If you wish to simply save an image displayed on a Website--without using the cropping tool--you can tap and hold the image to capture it, just like in Safari. Once you've captured a screenshot, you can add metadata such as a name, rating, notes, and tags.

Superstash's image library also lets you view and arrange your captured images. You can create folders to organize your images, as well as move, copy, and share multiple images at once, using the app's multiple selection tool. The app also includes some basic image-editing functions, like a pen and eraser tool, type tool, color picker, and clear tool.

Superstash costs $4 and runs on iOS 4.2 or later.