Study: Women Like Games More than Sex

A survey of 2,052 people was commissioned by Doritos in advance of the launch of its new Doritos Dip Desperado Facebook game, and it discovered some interesting facts about the game-playing habits of men and women.

For starters, 49% of the women in the survey said that they played "online games" -- though whether this was StarCraft II or CityVille wasn't clear. This 49% figure, however, is just 1% behind the figure for men.

Of these 49% of women who play online, 84% said they enjoy their gaming sessions. Compare that with the percentage who enjoyed working out (62%), shopping (71%), having a bath (75%) and doing the nasty (70%) and we can hastily jump to the astonishing (and possibly flawed) conclusion that women think games are better than sex.

Further interesting facts from the survey: 17% of women (about 1 in 5) admit to playing games in bed (fellas, you're clearly doing it wrong) and the fairer sex spends 23.1% of their time online playing games compared to 22.3% for the hairier sex.

So from this, we can therefore deduce that the way to a lady's heart is clearly, in fact, through her guild.

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