Sprint Settles Lawsuit over Improper Messaging Charges

If you are or have been a Sprint customer with a messaging plan, listen up. The carrier has agreed to pay up to $19 million in order to settle charges that it improperly charged customers.

Sprint denies any wrongdoing, but has decided to settle now to avoid additional court costs. Sprint customers between January 1, 2008 and June 30, 2012 may be eligible to participate in the settlement, court documents show.

Those who file a claim are eligible for a cash payment of up to $20, or a non-cash payment that includes free services, fee waivers, and discounts. Users must fill out a claim form to receive benefits, which will be set up following court approval of the settlement.


Customers are eligible to receive three months of free unlimited data (as long as they don’t have data already), or a waiver of the $36 activation fee for a new line of service. Other options include a $20 credit for former customers with an inactive account and an outstanding balance, or a Sprint gift card worth $25.