Sony says Home is 'imminent,' questions Netflix integration

In a revealing interview with GamePro's Sid Shuman, Sony Computer Entertainment America's John Kohler points to an "imminent" release for Home, questions Netflix integration in the Xbox 360, and remains hopeful for a strong year for the PS3 despite the dismal economy.

The interview, available in full , addresses a host of popular user questions.

On proudest moments of the PS3:

"When we first launched the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 had already been out for a year. And there was a lot of talk that the PS3 would be too difficult for many developers. [We heard] that the "ramp-up" cost for a developer -- the time spent learning the PS3's hardware and software -- would be too great.....[but games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet] have shown that developing for the PS3 isn't as difficult as many had thought."

On the PS3's high price in a souring economy:

It's definitely different in terms of the economy....Games are selling very well...we're forecasting big things this holiday. We're very aware of the economic situation, and we monitor that hourly to make sure our sales analysis is on point. But everything we're seeing points to a really good holiday season for Sony.