SOA Software readies tool to manage multiple ESBs

SOA tools are being unveiled this week by SOA Software, Systinet, and Mindreef, including SOA Software's tool to manage many enterprise service buses (ESB) in a single environment.

SOA Software is announcing Network Director version 4.0, while Systinet is unveling Policy Manager 2.0, for codifying policies. Mindreef is shipping SOAPscope Server 5.2, for testing SOA.

The new version of Network Director is intended to ensure interoperability and policy compliance for ESBs from many vendors. Disparate ESB platforms will implement centrally defined policies and interoperate to provide a secure messaging environment.

"You need to make sure that all the ESBs in the enterprise participate in a common security and monitoring framework," said Ian Goldsmith, vice president of marketing at SOA Software. Network Director version 4.0 manages and provides security for single ESBs and manages interactions between multiple ESBs.

Labeled an "ESB federation product" by SOA Software, Network Director combines the proxy component from Blue Titan's older Network Director technology with the management subsystem from SOA Software's Service Director offering. SOA Software acquired Network Director when it bought Blue Titan last month. The proxy handles message-routing and mediation.

In previous incarnations, Network Director was basically a Web services router, Goldsmith said.