Six worst Internet routing attacks

Here's our list of the biggest security incidents involving the Internet's core routing protocol, the Border Gateway Protocol. Some of these incidents were attacks; others were accidental misconfigurations. But all of them disrupted traffic to Web sites or entire networks because of incorrect routing messages being propagated across the Internet through BGP. (Read the latest on , and about .)

Pakistan Telecom blocks YouTube

In February 2008, inadvertently the entire site worldwide for two hours as it was attempting to restrict local access to the site. When Pakistan Telecom tried to filter access to YouTube, it sent new routing information via BGP to PCCW, an ISP in Hong Kong that propagated the false routing information across the Internet. 

ICANN puts root server at risk

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in November 2007 when it renumbered the DNS root server "L" that it operates. ICANN failed to notice several unauthorized L root servers operating across the Internet until six months later. By May 2008, ICANN had all the bogus L root servers turned off. 

Malaysian ISP blocks Yahoo