Silicon Valley legend visiting Australia

Silicon Valley legend, Dr William Miller, is coming to Australia in February to discuss the opportunities and challenges for Australia with government, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors.

He will be presenting at a series of events covering five capital cities. As the author of "The Silicon Valley Edge" Miller will spotlight the challenges facing Australia.

When trying to emulate the success of Silicon Valley, Miller says there is no silver bullet but the ecosystem needs the right culture, organizations, infrastructure, and entrepreneurs to flourish.

"It takes the right blend of ideas, people, and capital, all collaborating towards success," he said.

Miller will also talk about the role of the university in the 21st century and outline the opportunities for collaboration especially the commercialization of academically derived technologies.

Miller argues that research he has undertaken proves that for countries or regions to participate in the global growth of the high tech industries they must promote and facilitate education and advanced scientific and technological research.