Security managers split on BYOD, skeptical of Android devices

CSOs, CISOs and other security managers are not embracing the set into motion by demanding employees, but they aren't refusing to allow user-owned smartphones and tablets into the work place either.

Results of a polled conducted by Wisegate, a private, invitation-only community of senior information technology professionals, found their members are divided on what strategies to employ when it comes to , and even whether or not to allow the devices at all.


The question posed to Wisegate members was "What is your position on securing mobile/handheld/tablet devices which your workforce uses (especially 'bring your own device')?"

Among respondents, 27 percent said they continue to only allow fully managed and secured devices to utilize corporate services. However, 24 percent said enabling their workforce to work in whatever way is effective to them is acceptable -- meaning they will allow outside technology to be used by employees. Another 24 percent noted their organization is moving from what was termed a 'device-centric' strategy to a 'user-centric' strategy and didn't think that devices could be fully secured.

Other responses included: