Security job market in an ‘inflationary spiral’

The information security industry is in an unsustainable inflationary spiral due to low unemployment and rising salaries, according to not-for-profit membership body (ISC)2.

Speaking at the RSA security conference in London this week, managing director for EMEA at (ISC)2, John Colley, said that in a normal economic cycle high salaries would attract newcomers to fill the growth in demand and allow the development of a healthy job market. However, newcomers in the security market face too many barriers to entry.

"Employers today are struggling, taking up to six months to fill positions," said Colley.

"They are looking for people who have a basic understanding of security concepts and experience. Newcomers are not being provided with the opportunities to develop either."

Unemployment levels in the information security market are less than four percent, with salaries rising for 70 percent of the workforce.

Although these figures look positive for security professionals, (ISC)2 claims that it is causing problems for the industry.