SAP starts the week, Olympics end it

SAP's executive changes reverberated across the IT news sphere and opened the week's big IT news. Google's Buzz garnered Tuesday's big headlines, while Microsoft's Windows patch woes took over as the week progressed. As we head into the weekend, our sights turn to the Olympic Games in Vancouver, which will be not only a show of athletic prowess but also an IT spectacle.

1. and : SAP replaced CEO Léo Apotheker with co-CEOs Bill McDermott, who was the head of the field organization, and Jim Hagemann Snabe, who was in charge of product development. A few days later, it announced the resignation of executive board member John Schwarz, who was head of the BusinessObjects division and had been seen by some observers to be a possible future CEO.

2. , , and : The hype-o-meter got close to tilt as Google announced its Buzz social-networking technology, which earned praise as a good idea, but thumbs down in some quarters for poor implementation, privacy concerns (which the company moved to address), and it also got the attention of spammers.

3. and : After users flooded Microsoft's support forum seeking help and lodging complaints, the company stopped distributing a Windows XP patch that was causing the dreaded blue screen of death on some computers. At week's end the company said that it looked like the problem might be caused by malware, although Microsoft continued to investigate.

4. : IBM unveiled its latest Power7 mega multithread processor along with some new servers. They will do battle with systems based on Intel's latest Itanium chip, which it launched the same day after years of delay.

5. : Our friends at Macworld were -- as we'd expect -- all over the Macworld Expo this week, checking out the news and offering their views.