Samsung joins the SATA 3.0 SSD party

Samsung, the largest manufacturer of NAND flash technology, has become the latest solid-state drive (SSD) maker to announce a SATA 3.0-compliant product that can serve data through a 6Gbit/sec pipe.

Samsung's entry into the SATA 3.0 realm heralds the coming of higher-speed internal interconnect technology for laptops and tablets.

The SATA 3.0 specification offers double the bandwidth provided by the predecessor SATA 2.0 spec.

volume production of the new higher-performance PM830 SSDs, which are available at up to 512GB of capacity.

The PM830 SSD boasts sequential read speeds of 500MB/sec and sequential write speeds of 350MB/sec.

The PM830 drives are also available in 256GB and 128GB capacities.