SAAS providers upgrades offline capabilities

Moving downstream to capture the smallest end of the SMB market, Entellium announced Tuesday Rave CRM for workgroups and companies with as many as 10 users down to single operator businesses.

The six-year-old SAAS (software as a service) CRM provider also offers eSalesforce and eCustomerCenter for a minimum of five users with an average of 17 to 18 seats. This suite was also upgraded this week.

What makes the Rave release interesting according to industry analysts is the off-line capabilities of its smart client architecture.

Although giving a salesperson the capability of working offline when an Internet connection is not available is not new for SAAS services, Entellium's solution puts the entire application on the local hard drive.

"It's more like working in Outlook where you can see it all offline," said Jared Ruckle, product marketing manager at Entellium.

More typically SAAS solutions, like, require salespeople to map out and download beforehand the data or the clients they believe they will need prior to working offline.