Ruckus launches new outdoor wi-fi products

Most wi-fi applications are traditionally deployed indoors such as homes, malls or office complexes and broadband must be brought to the edge of these facilities or complexes by cables or WiMAX for it to be available in other parts of the facilities or buildings.

To get around this problem, Ruckus, a wi-fi technology pioneer headquartered in Silicon Valley in the US, has now developed outdoor access points with a range of up to 20 km.

According to Bart Burstein, president of product management and business development for Ruckus Wireless, Ruckus can now deploy end-to-end broadband wireless access offering DSL capabilities. The solution includes a smart wi-fi outdoor access point with a 20 km range, a point-to-point backhaul system, and a wireless gateway to beam the wi-fi signals indoors.

Ruckus Wireless' new wi-fi technology products can be used to provide wireless services to businesses, housing complexes and schools. It calls its solution the industry's first end-to-end wireless broadband solution.

The products, which include two outdoor mesh access points (ZoneFlex 7762 and ZoneFlex 2741), a backhaul antenna system (ZoneFlex 7731), a customer premise gateway (MediaFlex 2200), combined with a remote wi-fi service management system, are called Wireless Broadband Access (WBA), said Burstein. They rely on unlicensed wi-fi spectrum using the 802.11g and faster 802.11n specification.