Remains of the Day: Thunderstruck

Has Apple found its new processor soul mate? Is your iPad passcode opening you up to prying eyes? Does Paul Allen's patent suit stand a chance? Is Apple planning on Thunderbolting one of its main peripherals? Will the remainders for Friday, July 15, 2011 answer even of these questions?


The ever-elusive "source familiar with the matter" (boy, they get around don't they?) reports that, , the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has indeed begun trial manufacturing of Apple's A6 processor. Apple's previous chips, the A4 and A5, were produced by Samsung, but in the aftermath of the two's , it looks like Cupertino's got a brand new silicon squeeze. But any deal between Apple and TSMC would be dependent on the results of this first date trial run.


Did you know that your iPad's keyboard glows briefly when you enter your non-numeric passcode? One South African security expert noticed that detail, and, of course, came up with a piece of software that can analyze video of you typing and thus figure out your password. Joke's on you guys, though--I don't a password.