Remains of the Day: Number one, with an icon

Deciphering Apple's intentions is even more challenging than figuring out the Kremlin's, though there's definitely some similarity. Elsewhere, the Thunderbolt Display is ripped to shreds, iTunes movies surface around the world, and is it finally time to bid adieu to some venerable Apple products? The remainders for Wednesday, September 28, 2011 promised themselves they wouldn't cry.


TUAW's Steven Sande has cracked this whole . I'm just surprised that nobody's noted that the four apps in a 2-by-2 grid clearly summon to mind the . ? I think almost surely.


Sometimes I wonder if the folks at iFixit have trouble making toast in the morning because they've disassembled their toaster--they just can't help it; it's their nature. Well, now they've turned those talents toward good(?) by taking apart Apple's new Thunderbolt Display. Turns out it's heavy on chips and light on thunder--