Remains of the Day: Know when to hold 'em


Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Women and children first! The Apple Store in Greenwich, Connecticut was flooded after the sprinkler was accidentally triggered by a cleaning crew. As a result, the building remains closed until it's been given the all-clear from local authorities. Please keep the poor folks of Greenwich--and their inability to buy shiny new Apple equipment--in your thoughts.


Next time you're dealing out a hand of Texas Hold 'Em, impress your poker mates by going all-in on this deck of Mac OS 7-inspired playing cards--if you can find one. The limited-edition collectible was available only in Apple's campus store circa 1997, but a copy surfaces on eBay every once in a while. Just remember: nothing beats a full home directory, folders over files.

- Version 1.1 of's video-sharing application for iPhone has an on/off option for video sharing, support for portrait and landscape, sharing options for Posterous and Tumblr, the ability to automatically save video to Dropbox, and more. Free.