Remains of the Day: iPad 2--Electric Boogaloo

I spy with my little iPad 2? Elsewhere, a surprising move in the Google H.264 chess game, and two Apple Stores find a loophole for the Sabbath. The remainders for Wednesday, February 2, 2010, are open seven five days a week.


Sure, The Daily got plenty of attention at , but not all of the attendees were focused on Rupert Murdoch's new media venture. A Reuters "eyewitness" claims to have spotted an elusive iPad 2 prototype in the wild, identifiable by its front-facing camera and .

(MSDN Blogs)

Google's move raised a lot of eyebrows. Now help comes from an unlikely source, as Microsoft announces that it will distribute a Chrome extension returning H.264 support to Windows 7 users. ! Tune in next week when Google superglues all of Microsoft's pens to its desk in retaliation.