Remains of the Day: Helter skelter

Apple's got the Beatles all to itself--at least for a while; RIM's mythical tablet faces off against the iPad; and Adobe says that the amazing battery-eating Flash isn't its fault. Really. When the remainders for Tuesday, November 16, 2010 get to the bottom they go back to the top of the slide.

(The Loop)

The Fab Four's new digital presence is iTunes-only--or so an Apple spokesperson tells The Loop's Jim Dalrymple. But they declined to say exactly in 2011. Perhaps they'll let us know a day beforehand, with a huge homepage-dominating banner.


A demo pits RIM's PlayBook against the iPad in Web rendering and, surprisingly enough, the PlayBook seems to eke out a win, even with Flash installed. Then again, as long as we're including unreleased products in this showdown, the iPad 2 beats the off the PlayBook.