Remains of the Day: Da cloud, boss, da cloud!

The forecast for the next version of Apple's mobile operating system is overcast. But if you're not so much interested in the future of Apple as you are the past--and you have $3000 to blow--then you're in luck. Elsewhere, Sprint makes a surprise announcement (surprise not included), and a popular iOS franchise makes its way to the big screen. Sort of. The remainders for Monday, March 28, 2011 are coming soon, to a theater near you.


With iOS 5 likely due to be shown off , rumors say it won't actually ship until the fall. But don't worry, when it does show up, rumors say it'll bring a heavy dose of cloud integration, including the , a cloud service for finding friends and family, and a free copy of


Want to pick up a piece of Apple history? There's a up for auction on eBay--but it gets better: this sucker's mint in box. At the current bid of $3050, it's almost reached of its original $7500 pricetag. But for the winning bid, you could take it home, unwrap it, and fire up all 250MHz of its PowerPC 603e processor. Maybe you could play some or something.