Remains of the Day: British invasion

The third-generation iPad finds itself at the tender mercies of iFixit, baseball players can't wait to trade in for their new iPads, and the British are coming, the British are coming (to dinner). The remainders for Thursday, March 15, 2012 are so hungry they could eat a house.


Those guys at iFixit are so fast at breaking down new technology, I'm starting to suspect they've stashed a DeLorean somewhere in their labs. Anyway, as you might guess, the new iPad 3 is chock full o' batteries, helping to keep its Retina display and 4G networking chugging along at the same great battery life you've always expected. Just once, I'd like them to find something surprising: "Hey, look! A quarter!"

(USA Today)

When iFixit tears apart iPads, you know who goes wanting? Turns out that the pros, and the sport's other personnel, are big iPad fans. They use them for scouting reports, to show video on players' own habits, and even just to kill time. You know, Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane does the same thing, but only with undervalued tablets like the PlayBook and TouchPad.

(J.D. Power and Associates)