Remains of the Day: Aphorism's better than none

The country's top antitrust official doesn't trust Apple, Tim Cook is shanghaied to China, and people who shop in glass stores should really watch where they're going. The remainders for Monday, March 26, 2012 are more useful than a screen door on a submarine.

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The acting antitrust chief for the Department of Justice has taken a firm stance against collusion "at the highest levels of companies," a comment many are taking as a thinly veiled reference to . It's like I always say: If it ain't price broken, don't price fix it.

(China Daily)

A rare spotting of the striped Tim Cook outside his natural habitat! The Apple CEO has reportedly been in China, where he's apparently been photographed more than a celebrity entering rehab. Rumors suggest that he's in country for everything from to negotiating with more carriers, but we think he just had a sudden craving for some really good Chinese food.