Red Hat bashes Microsoft, VMware while pitching new cloud software

and VMware are the enemies of interoperability, and only can prevent cloud lock-in.

That, at least, is what Red Hat wants customers to believe, as the open source vendor unveiled private cloud software and a service while offering its usual screed against proprietary technology.


At Wednesday's Red Hat Summit in Boston, vice president of products and technologies Paul Cormier declared "We've changed the world," and and its statement about preventing customers from being locked in to specific products.

"Last time I checked, 90-plus-percent of their products in the enterprise were as far away from open source software as our friends up in Redmond," Cormier said, while also chastising Microsoft for its both against and for and open source over the years.

One of is that its products let you use any combination of tools: VMware with Red Hat Linux, or perhaps with Red Hat virtualization and middleware. Microsoft and VMware don't allow that because they don't have open architectures, according to Red Hat. That does, however, raise the question of how can be integrated with Red Hat if they're not open in the first place.