Reasons I Hope Gets Sued Into Oblivion


How happy are people who get e-mails? A quick glance at the for the company will give you an idea. I found dozens of complaints from the past month alone. The . The reason for the rating is "number of complaints filed."

"I have called them several times to stop sending me junk e-mail, and they keep telling me to unsubscribe, which I have done 10 times," writes Jeff from Michigan.

"I have tried many times to have them remove my name from their mailing list and they do not acknowledge my request," notes Skip from Arizona.

2. The company racks up plenty of billing and service complaints.

Look through the consumer complaints on and see just how many people say they're being billed without authorization. Many users say they gave a credit card number for a trial and kept getting charged long after the trial's end, despite numerous cancellations. Many users also say they can't even login to the site, and no one will answer their requests for help.