Reasons I Hope Gets Sued Into Oblivion

Have you heard? Someone's over those e-mails it's been blasting the world with for the past decade. My reaction? It's about damned time.

Here's the scoop: A man from San Diego says he received e-mails from claiming his former classmates were through the site. (Surely you've received one or 100 of those, too -- I know I have.) Our guy joined the service, paying for a premium membership (US$15 for 3 months) to gain access. Then, he said, he discovered that no old friends had attempted to get in touch or even looked up his name.

"Of those users who were characterized ... as members who viewed Plaintiff's profile, none were former classmates of Plaintiff or persons familiar with or known to Plaintiff for that matter," the lawsuit says.

The suit claims has pulled similar tricks on countless other unsuspecting users. It demands the company refund subscriptions fees and pay an additional fine for deceptive advertising.

I, for one, hope the suit is a massive success. Why, you might ask? Allow me to explain.

1. has been filling our inboxes long enough.