RailCorp seeks more passenger IT equipment

RailCorp is looking for suppliers of computer and network equipment for station passenger information projects within the CityRail train network.

According to RailCorp, the organisation may require supply and delivery of a variety of computer, display and network systems for its station passenger information (SPI) projects. Such equipment includes switches and network components, visual display units, PCs, UPS units, keyboard video mouse (KVM) units, Windows servers and equipment racks.

RailCorp builds and maintains the infrastructure for the train network in NSW, including the information systems that help passengers travel such as electronic timetables, digital clocks and ticket purchasing facilities.

Recent IT projects at RailCorp include a new to regulate access to its HR services and a $4 million for its two data networks.

In June 2009 the CIO of RailCorp amid a corruption enquiry.

To qualify as a SPI equipment supplier, the company must be the manufacturer or an authorised dealer of the manufacturer and a registered office in Australia.