PC World’s midnight opening a ‘low key event’ which ‘shifted the new iPad quickly'

A PC World spokesperson told Macworld that the midnight opening of its Tottenham Court Road store for the launch of Apple's new iPad was a 'low key event', which 'shifted the new iPad quickly'.

We have a video interview below with Ben Reys who left his position in the queue outside the Apple Store to purchase an iPad from PC World at 12.01am Friday morning.

PC World didn't advertise the early opening because there is 'always an awareness' of such events through word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, according to Ben Lovett, head of PR at PC World.

Lovett told Macworld that the opening, which occurred eight hours before Apple opened its doors to sell the new iPad, was allowed because PC World has 'a good relationship with Apple' and has 'historically been seen as an extension' of Apple.

Several queuers waiting outside the Apple Store in Regent Street told us that they had been to the Tottenham Court Road PC World at 12.01, purchased new iPads, and sold them to queuers at the back of the Apple Store queue. Others kept the iPads they'd bought from PC World, but returned to the Apple queue anyway to join the fun, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Here is our interview with Ben Reys: