Our Favorite iPhone Apps: Top productivity tools

One of most tantalizing possibilities posed by the arrival of native third-party apps for the iPhone and iPod touch was the promise that some of the App Store's offerings would extend the device's capabilities -- thereby making you more productive. A multitude of apps deliver on this promise, and we've selected nine of our favorite productivity tools.

The apps listed below will help you manage your to-dos, track your time, move your files, crunch numbers, organize your searches, and even control your Mac. As with our and , our favorite productivity apps all shipped before November 1, 2008.

Best search organizer

Imagine that the results of your Google searches were offered in pictorial form -- an image that represents a link -- and you begin to grasp what the free Cooliris from is about. Supporting Google, Flickr, Yahoo, Smugmug, and DevianArt just like its free desktop counterpart, Cooliris lets you surf the Web's images in a Cover Flow kind of way and provides links to content based on those images. The interface is stunning and accelerometer-aware.


Best file-transfer tool