Oracle vows to continue IP theft suit against SAP

A defiant Oracle Thursday vowed to continue its legal battle against rival SAP after a federal judge in California the $1.3 billion judgment the company had won against SAP late last year.

In a statement released shortly after the verdict, Oracle said it intends to "pursue the full measure of damages" it believes SAP owes it for the theft of its intellectual property.

"There was voluminous evidence regarding the massive scope of the theft, clear involvement of SAP management in the misconduct and the tremendous value of the IP stolen," Oracle said, "We believe the jury got it right."

In a development not entirely unexpected, U.S District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton in Oakland, Calif. today upheld SAP's request that the court lower the $1.3 billion in damages that a jury late last year ordered it to pay Oracle.

In announcing the decision, Hamilton called the jury award "grossly excessive" and asked that Oracle either accept a lower $272 million payment or submit to a new trial.

In a statement, SAP said it welcomed today's decision. "We are very gratified with the Court's decision," the company said. "We believed the jury's verdict was wrong and are pleased at the significant reduction in damages."