Oracle offers Fusion road map


However, John Wookey, senior vice president for application development, seemed to contradict Phillips comments on rewriting the applications.

In explaining how Oracle intends to integrate business processes with business intelligence insights, he said, "We are rewriting large portions of our applications to do this."

The goal, Wookey said, is to create a BI service and event-enabled application that will allow management to make changes to business processes in real-time.

A logistics example was given in which a manufacturer would use BI to determine which shipper to use based on timeliness, cost, and breakage.

Whether starting with a blank sheet of paper or substantially rewriting applications, the real message of the evening was that Oracle is building the next version of its suite on an SOA architecture and designing the applications as modular business services. Not dissimilar to what SAP is doing with NetWeaver, most analysts at the event noted.