Oracle has hiccup in BEA developer site transfer

Oracle customers have been unable to directly download older versions of WebLogic Server and related software for some time and the problem may not be fixed until the end of October.

Oracle, which bought BEA for US$8.5 billion earlier this year, has been moving information and downloads from BEA's site over to the Oracle Technology Network, but the transition has not been altogether smooth, according to a company blog Monday.

"Unfortunately, as probably should be expected in such a migration things do not go perfectly. In general it has been pretty good but over the last week and a bit we frankly have had a logistical screw up that is causing some serious pain for customers who need to get older releases of our software," Oracle official Mike Lehmann wrote.

"What happened is the software that used to be located on the site was taken offline and as a result, those older releases/upgrades/service packages are no longer available publicly for download," he explained.

Most current releases of the BEA products as well as the re-branded Oracle versions are available for download on the and another , according to the post.

But users who still cannot locate the software they need should log a service request with BEA's support team: "They have full access as you would expect to the repository and can get you the download you need."