Opponents to ODF strike back in Massachusetts


The ITD in May put out a call for plug-ins that could either provide a bridge between Microsoft Office and whatever application government employees use in the future, or that would allow workers to continue to use Office.

Barbara Lybarger, general counsel for the Massachusetts Office on Disability, confirmed that Sun's plug-in 'performed very well. I was quite impressed.' But she said the 'devil is in the details' and called for the ITD to properly test such solutions with handicapped beta users.

Lybarger said that recent relations between her agency and the ITD 'have been very cooperative' and that they will support moving to OpenDocument as long as it 'works as well as what [handicapped] users already have.'

In Denmark, ministries will continue to publish documents using HTML, Microsoft Corp.'s '.doc' format and PDF (portable document format) from Adobe Systems Inc., said Lebech, head of the IT governance division within the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Denmark's parliament passed a motion earlier this month to encourage the use of open standards within the government, Lebech said. The government has also published a catalog of standards with some recommendations, but has not stated a preference for a document format.