Open government talk buzzes across Canada


An app that would provide a heads-up on what issues are going to be discussed at city council meetings would be helpful, she said, as would an app that could merge the various calendars. "There are a lot of opportunities for this," she said.

Panel moderator Walter Schwabe, CEO of social media engagement firm ., summarized his take at the end of the discussion. "In order to support open government, a key thing mentioned was to do it ourselves," he said. Schwabe highlighted , a network of local groups, as "a brilliant example of do-it-ourselves."

, CIO of the City of Edmonton, didn't participate in the panel discussion, but he did provide his perspective on the real and perceived risks of open government in an interview with .

Moore said the top three questions he gets asked on the topic of open government are about risk, privacy and sustainability. "For me, they are not obstacles, because I think you can manage them," he said. Risks related to legal issues and control are also manageable "as long as there are people in the discussion," he said.

Some people don't include others in the discussion to guarantee or control the outcome, he said. "We are trying to do things here in more of an engaging way. It's more organic and richer because more people are involved," he said.