Obama Tweets More Than Romney, Wins Social Media Smackdown

As the presidential campaign heads into high gear, the candidates and their supporters are blanketing the airwaves with a barrage of ads, particularly in states considered battle grounds in November.

But on the Web, which commands an increasing share of Americans' media consumption, President Obama's team has made a far greater effort to engage directly with voters than his opponent, , according to a new study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Members of the Obama campaign have been posting nearly four times as much content on the Web as the Romney team, and maintain an active presence on twice as many online platforms, according to the study, which analyzed the candidates' Websites and various social media outlets over two weeks in June.

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The disparity was most glaring on . Over the course of Pew's study, the tweeted an average of once per day, compared with the 29 tweets the Obama team posted, representing the combination of Obama's presidential account, , and the official campaign account, .

As of Wednesday, a note on the presidential Twitter account explained that it is now being run by the campaign staff, and most of the recent tweets reinforced campaign messages.